Gov. Blunt’s Parallel Universe

When Gov. Matt Blunt declared Missouri a state of ONE I wish I had asked him about the obvious contradiction — that he could blandly agree to support eradicating poverty in Africa and other Third-World countries, while just as blandly cutting the budget of Medicaid programs for children and families right in his own state.
He gave an indication of his ability to live in parallel universes in his speech Thursday. America is the richest, most privileged country in the world, he said. We are generous, and Missourians are more generous than the national average. Gov. Blunt seemed to be saying that individual and corporate efforts at charity were fine — admirable, in fact.
But when it comes to throwing the power and purse of state government behind eliminating the disease and malnutrition that haunt people in poverty in HIS OWN STATE, Blunt is able to disconnect from those noble words and cut programs and aid for children and the poor — even if it means losing matching federal funds.
I wish I had asked Gov. Blunt, what does it mean, to sign that proclamation, if you’re not going to change policy?


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