Sidebar: MoveOn “Talking Points”

I wanted to link to MoveOn’s flier online, but it’s not available. I did find a pdf of the “talking points” for the event. This comes from the MoveOn planning site for the “Oil-free President” activities and is copied here without editing.

National Day of Action for an
Oil-Free President
Talking Points

* With gas prices at record highs and oil company profits out of control, John McCain is not the leader Americans can trust to ease our pain at the pump.

* John McCain has surrounded himself with donors and lobbyists who are tied to Big Oil — he’s their friend, not ours, when it comes to finding sane and affordable solutions to the energy crisis. A McCain presidency means $4 or more gas for 4 more years.

* The National Day of Action for an Oil-Free President will remind voters that if we want a long-term solution to the gas crunch, we can’t elect John McCain, who like Bush and Cheney, cares more about Big Oil profits than our gas prices and finding a way to get off oil.

* Barack Obama has a real plan to power our country on clean and affordable energy. By promoting alternative fuel sources and going after irresponsible investors driving up prices, he will provide a policy that addresses the real energy problems our country faces in the 21st century. Political Action is a political action committee powered by 3.2 million Progressive Americans. We believe in the power of small donors and grassroots action to elect progressive leaders to office and to advance a progressive agenda. We do not accept any donations over $5,000, and the average donation to Political Action is under $50.


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