Amending Missouri’s Initiatives

This was published in Letters to the Editor, St. Louis Post-Dispatch, Sunday, April 24.

Faulty statutes

On the compromise to amend the “puppy mill law” passed by a state majority in November: Apparently, it is fine to repeal or amend a law approved by the voters through an initiative. That’s good news that folks have agreed on how to change Proposition B more to everyone’s liking — because, you know, the voters obviously didn’t understand the implications of what they were voting on.

As long as we’re amending laws passed by initiative, St. Louis and Kansas City voters would like to repeal Proposition A (from the same election) that requires us to approve our city earnings tax every five years. Both cities re-approved those taxes earlier this month with resounding majorities — nearly nine to one in St. Louis and more than eight to one in Kansas City. But the specter of having to approve this very fair tax every five years is expected to affect both cities’ bond ratings and has the St. Louis mayor talking about shifting to less progressive funding.

No need to take the measure back to the entire state. What say we ask the Legislature to fix this obviously faulty statute and return local control of municipal revenue and taxes to the cities in question and get Rex Sinquefield out of our city’s business?

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