Now We Know

Occupy St. Louis

A Message to the people of Occupy St. Louis, inspired by Occupy Wall Street:

I’ve been saying for at least 10 years that we need to make the tax system more fair — so that rich people pay their fair share and so that governments have enough funds to provide essential services such as education and police protection.
But what I heard on TV and radio and the reader entries in online news forums was that few people agreed with me. I suspected that the Tea Party was as much a media creation as a real movement. I suspected that those of us on the left (who can spell our signs correctly) were not getting our opinions across effectively.
NOW WE KNOW…hundreds of thousands of people of all ages and backgrounds agree that we need to take our country back from the rich fat cats who are stealing our wages, robbing our 401Ks, illegally foreclosing on our houses and oppressing us at every turn.
NOW WE KNOW…because people took to the streets and parks in non-violent, non-strident ways, simply standing there, sitting there, erecting a tent or bringing a sleeping bag.
NOW WE KNOW…that the media can no longer ignore our message and our opinions, even if many of the tents have been folded.
NOW WE KNOW…just how strong our numbers are. Because for every person who slept in a tent, there were 10 or more people like me — who can’t sleep on the ground, can’t spend all our time in a park, but who came to an Occupy site every sunny afternoon and who support the Occupy cause and the voices of those willing to stand in for us.
NOW WE KNOW. And we will not forget. Not this month, not next year.


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