Take Back Our Holidays

Years ago, kicking off the Christmas “shopping season” the day after Thanksgiving was kind of fun. It meant that stores would not put up Christmas decorations and promotions until then. And it was a fun outing for family members who didn’t see each other that often.

Now, it’s become this frantic chase for “bargains” on the part of consumers and market share on the part of retailers.

I know a few people — my niece Betsy, for instance — who thought it was fun to get up before dawn and line up outside a big box store to be first inside for those “bargains.”  It was never my thing, but I wouldn’t begrudge her the fun, if that’s her idea of a good time.

But now Target and WalMart and who knows else are opening at midnight, and forcing their employees to start work at 11 p.m. or earlier on Thanksgiving Day.

This has GOT to stop. I’m already part of  Advent Conspiracy, to help churches urge a turn away from consumerism and toward the real meaning of Christmas. Now I urge everyone to pledge:


until Target and WalMart and the other big box retailers give their employees a break on Thanksgiving. Some things are more important than shopping. Really.

I urge you to go to this website and sign the petition to Target to give their employees a break.


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