This Really Happened

This story comes from the most recent newsletter of the church I was raised in, First Presbyterian Church of Kennett, MO.

Message from Missy

Blocking Traffic

It was 5:15 p.m. in downtown Memphis. The sun was still beating down and I was thankful for the breeze coming off the Mississippi. My “crew” and I were pulling up to the downtown branch of the public library with 176 burritos, 96 bottles of water and 200 Oreo cookies. Over 40 men and women were waiting for us. Many had not eaten all day. I was a little concerned about having enough food (this was a big crowd for our first stop). But I was more concerned about another commodity. Did I have enough mosquito repellant?

Our congregation had donated a LOT of mosquito spray this month and I had decided to “ration” it and take only a little downtown each week. But yesterday I had a strong feeling that I should take all of it. It didn’t seem practical. What if I run out? What about next week? The reply in my head was this, “Don’t worry about that, take all you have today.” So I did. And it was gone in about 5 minutes. They were desperate for the relief. So I grumbled to myself, “I just knew this would happen. Now there’s none for next week and I have no idea how I’m going to get it.”

At that very moment, as I handed over the last can of OFF, a man in a huge SUV stopped in the middle of the street next to my open trunk. “Great,” I thought, “someone from the city here to harass me about this mob of homeless folks on his sidewalk.” He asked about the name of the ministry and if we are here every week. I answered his questions thinking he would hand me a citation or a warning about permits and such.

Instead he pulls out his wallet and peels off five $20 bills and hands them to me! Before I can say more than “thank you” he pulled away. (He was, after all, blocking traffic.)

I’m still processing what all that means. Personally, it was a lesson to me about the nature of miracles. I was focused on the scarcity of resources, and God shattered that perception. God was able and willing to be fully engaged in our efforts to bring forth His kingdom here on earth. (Even if He had to block Memphis rush hour traffic to do it.)

I’ll probably never know that man’s name, but I know this much about him… he let God use him to bring forth a miracle.

May God use you today to bring forth a miracle! (Even if you have to block traffic!)

See You Sunday!

Rev. Missy Rose, Stated Supply , First Presbyterian Church of Kennett, MO


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